From President

April 25, 2013

From Alumni President John Callender:

Dear Phi Beta Kappa Member,

In my final letter as President, I thank the generous donors who made our scholarship program possible, the leaders who made these years memorable for the selection of the outstanding undergraduates we recognized with scholarships and the happy presentation of the awards with inscribed books,  the speakers who gave us such stimulating programs and the leaders who made the arrangements.

I also thank Joe Miller for the development and maintenance of our website. Finally, I thank the members who gave me the honor and the privilege of serving as your president. 

You hold the key !

For only $35, you can be an alumni member of the Phi Beta Kappa
Alumni Association of North East Florida.

You hold the key !

Please consider a generous tax deductible donation to our 501c3
Scholarship Fund. Any donation would be appreciated.


John Callender
Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Assoc. of N.E. Florida

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